8 March: International Women´s Day

Design: Ro van Wingerden

Program | Poems and Translations Part 1 | Poems and Translations Part 2 (pdfs)

The International Women’s Day is an important holiday for us. This year we want to honour the works of women who have been creating Yiddish literature since the Middle Ages.
We will recite works of famous Yiddish women poets, such as Kadya Molodowsky, Celia Dropkin, and Rokhl Korn, as well as less-known authors.

However, we don’t concentrate only on the past! That’s why in the second part you will hear contemporary works of Berlin Yiddishistkes: poetry, music, and translations.


Luise Fakler | Sandra Israel-Niang | Katerina Kuznetsova | Sasha Lurje | Yael Merlini | Rose Mintzer-Sweeney | Maria Stazherova | Ro van Wingerden | Iryna Zrobok

Entrance is free. Donations are welcome.

8 March 2024, 6pm

Oranienburger Str. 32
10117 Berlin