Yiddish.Berlin has organized several exhibitions, each accompanied by a rich program of thematic events including readings, screenings, lectures, performances, and more. Click each link to learn more about the exhibition and the accompanying program.

Nov-Dec 2022: Mir zenen do!

Poster der Ausstellung MIR ZENEN DO!
Flyer featuring work by H. Psotta

May-June 2022: Mageyfe | Milkhome | Mame-Loshn

Flyer designed by Alex Kostenko
Flyer designed by Alex Kostenko featuring artwork by H. Psotta

January 2020: farbloyte feder | lekoved avrom sutzkever

Helmut J. Psotta, Angel of Poetry, Santiago de Chile 1964, Oil on Paper

August-September 2019: farbloyte feder | berliner zeydes

beck, berliner zeyde, 2019, detail
arndt beck, from: berliner zeyde, mixed media on copy, 2019, detail [on the copy: avrom sutzkever & samuel bak]