Arndt Beck | Horst Bernhardt | Jordan Lee Schnee

Staged reading: Dovid Bergelson´s Berlin short story Tsvey rotskhim


23 August 2019, 8pm

Dovid Bergelson, [source]

On Kottbusser Damm, in Frau Hilde Guenther´s kitchen, on a small, knitted throw rug, Tell, a huge, hairy, wolflike dog with a sharp, pointed muzzle, was lying, with his head resting on his extended front paws.”

So begins Bergelson´s short story, “Two Murderers.” Having spent almost the entire 1920s in Berlin, Bergelson is the Berliner-ist of all Yiddish writers. This staged reading of his 1924 text will be presented in three languages: Yiddish, German and English. Here is a (musical) synopsis in three minutes:

The languages of the event will be DE | EN | YI.

Admission free – donations welcome!

Arndt Beck, photo: Tanja Katharina Lindner

Arndt Beck was born in 1973. He has worked as a freelance artist in varied disciplines like photography, painting, and text. As the heir to Helmut J. Psotta’s estate, he also sees himself as the representative of his work. Additionally, Beck has been deeply involved in Yiddish language and culture for the last few years and has put together many lectures and programs.

Horst Bernhardt, photo: private

Horst Bernhardt was born in Bad Hersfeld in 1950. He studied Slavic and Finno-Ugric linguistics, and Eastern European history in Göttingen and Berlin. From 1982 to 2017, he lived in Finnland, and since then he has been back in Berlin. Bernhardt is a teacher and a literary translator, mainly of Finnish and Estonian. He has been involved with Yiddish since the mid-60s.

Jordan Lee Schnee, photo: Jesús Maza

Jordan Lee Schnee lives in Berlin, Germany where he is a writer, translator, and musician. His published translations into English include Dvoyre Vogel (Yiddish), Wáshington Cucurto (Argentine Spanish), Mehdi Belhaj Kacem (French), and Jörg Fauser (German). His band, The Rixdorf Rounders, has played around Europe. He also performs solo with original music as well as Yiddish and American traditional songs.